I think I have become a concert snob. I am skipping a concert next month, one of those opportunity of a lifetime kind of shows, Smashing Pumpkins at the Ogden Theater, capacity 1600, all because the ticket price seems arrogant to me. $50 for a small venue show like that says, “We are musical gods and you will pay whatever we tell you to.” instead of “Hey, thanks for sticking it out with us for the last two decades and all of our crazy ups and downs.”

Part of that is the last show I went to, two weeks ago, was $22.50, total, with taxes and fees. I was close enough to touch the bands, got some amazing photos (some of which can be found here.) and I just can’t see paying $50 for the same kind of experience just because the band has been around forever. I mean, I’ve been a Pumpkins fan for close to 20 years (17, if memory serves) so not going because the tickets are outrageous kind of kills me.

But in the same vein, I’ve grown to the point I don’t want anything to do with arena shows, or any large venue. I think Red Rocks is the worst venue I’ve ever been to and cannot understand for the life of me why …. ummmmm throw me a genre here… bands like Maroon 5 and Death Cab for Cutie keep playing there. As long as they do, I’m destined to either not see them or travel to another state. I refuse to go back to Red Rocks…maybe if someone else bought the tickets but definitely not wasting my own money.

I’m all about 500-1500 people, sardined into a dive bar where the “barrier” is the edge of the stage and there is no “bad” place to stand. Where you can visit the merch booth and still see the stage. Where you might actually need to consider ear plugs (WTF??) because you’ve been squashed into the speakers at the side of the stage. Where having a beer with the headliner after the set is a real possibility.

So, yeah, I’ve become a concert snob. Now I just need to live somewhere where there are other snobs like me and we have a gathering place.

100 Monkeys Set List


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