The Year that Video Died…

Today, a list of ten videos you should watch….

1. Kill Hannah. Live. ‘Nuff said.

2. Awwwww

3. This brings tears to my eyes.

4. This MIGHT help you understand my sense of humor…might.

5. Cute. Watch it then watch more of them.

6. *Disclaimer* I usually don’t watch those kinds of videos but I kind of think if you’re dumb enough to try it you’re dumb enough to get hit in the face.

7. One continuous take, filmed live. Pretty awesome.

8. It still gives me chills.

9. Another Kill Hannah video but I defy you to watch it and not at least smile….if not laugh until it hurts

10. David Tennant and Catherine Tate are so amazing together you really don’t even have to have ever watched Doctor Who for this to be fantastic…”Harvey Wallbanger?! How is Harvey Wallbanger one word?”


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