The Pictures Are All I Can Feel

Ten pictures I wish I had taken….

This is all about those once in a lifetime moments you always kind of wish you’d captured on film… Not sure I have ten of them but, we’ll try.

1. The view of the house, standing on the Foxwoods Theater stage. I was on a Broadway stage with two cameras and the only photographic evidence was taken of me not by me.

2. Mat Devine flipping through the pages of my book. On the one hand…MY book. On the other hand, he was instantly, totally and fabulously engrossed.

3. The ice encased leaf. I was walking across my college campus one particularly cold day and noticed a leaf on a tree that was completely encased in ice. It looked like someone had come along and preserved it in cellophane or glass or something…the ice was perfectly clear, no cracks, no air bubbles, just a sheer solid sheet of ice.

4. My ex-idiot. His friends took a handful of pictures of us together that he kept and never gave to me but I didn’t take any of him in 8 months. Mostly, I’d have something to burn now.

5. Mariah, Nonnie and I at graduation. Okay, so rather wish someone else had taken this one but they were two of my closest friends in college, we walked through our college graduation together and no one got a picture of us in our gowns. Aren’t you always supposed to get a picture with your best friends in your graduation gowns?

6. Not so much wish I’d taken the pictures but that they were better … a lot of my concert pictures. There are a few that were amazing shots but my camera was crap so ….

Nope, can’t get to ten. I tried, I really did.


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