Do Something

Aaaaaaaand day 8 is Hobbies I have or want to learn….

  1. Music/Concerts – Not a lot to learn there other than how not to be a douche sooo….definitely a have
  2. Graphic design – have but am always trying to be better
  3. Drawing – again, always room for improvement
  4.  Crocheting – ummmmm I know how, am not very good at it
  5. Writing – some days I wonder if this is a “hobby” I possess, a “hobby” which possesses me or neither
  6.  Reading – have
  7. Giving gifts – yeah, this really is kind of a hobby for me.  I love buying and/or making things for people.  Chances are I’m going to spend the money anyhow; might as well spend it on someone else as on myself.
  8. Baking/cooking – I think I enjoy baking more but like both, when things turn out the way they are supposed to.
  9. Learning – Can it still be a “hobby” if I never shut it off?
  10. Trivia – I guess… I seem to have a head full of it.

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