Growing OLDER is Inevitable, Growing UP is Optional

Today, ten toys they have now that I wish they’d had when I was a kid….

But you see…. I went strolling through the aisles of Toys’r’ to see what there is for toys in the world these days and …. I don’t play video games, really, so all these new fangled video game doohickies are useless to me (I still have my twelve…fifteen year old Gameboy pocket with Tetris ….which is the original cartridge that came with my original full size Gameboy…haven’t worn out either one yet). I will light myself on fire before I buy an e-reader…unless I am eventually forced to…yanno, like we were with DVD players because they stopped making Beta machines. That was a joke, son, laugh!

Anywhoooooo so this is what I came up with. Deal.

Crayola Glow domey thingy
Crayon maker….I had dozens of crayon bits in a grocery sack. This would have been SOOO COOOOLLLL!


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