And finally…. Day 19

Day 19 is 10 ridiculous things you’d buy if money were no object

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  1. Books and more books and more books…. this looks like enough to get me started.
  2. New boots… in all those colors
  3. Lavender over the ear headphones….in lavender *nod*
  4. That was originally supposed to be just any generic loft apartment but then I found the iCarly apartment and I want it.
  5. Okay so probably not a Mini with the Brazilian flag but a Mini with a sick custom paint job…something in a purple motif
  6. Lots and lots of musical instruments (and art supplies too) for public schools that can’t afford them.
  7. Ummmm jet. ‘Nuff said.
  8. Something ordinary and everyday totally steampunked.  Really dig this computer but…anything that looks cool and is also still functional.
  9. TARDIS…. wait, that kind of defeats the purpose of the jet, huh?
  10. An apartment building…actually, probably a hotel would be better because it would have a “community” kitchen … anywhooo, the idea is a work for board program to get people off the streets and into a permanent residence.  They cook or clean or do maintenance on the building or tend the community garden or be daycare for other tenants’ kids or whatever they can do in lieu of rent payments, and they get a job and when they can afford it they move into a home.  It’s just an idea I’ve had for a while.

There…caught up. Now to stay that way… :/


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