Catching Up….Again

To be fair, the 23rd was not a day anyone wanted to hear about the things that make me smile. Cause there was nothing that day that could make me smile. It was a pretty craptacular day, all in all. Soooooo I skipped it and then I skipped the next one too so here I am again, catching up.

Soooo 10 things that make me smile:

1. Cute kitties doing cute things

2. This (smile…laugh until I cry…whatevs):

3. This (the commentary is almost as good as the song…which is amazing!):


5. I am a banana!

6. Cutest celebrity couple ever!

7. Compliments on one’s art are always nice but when you are inspired to draw someone and that someone …. well, this:



10. I can’t figure out how to make a slideshow for this last one that doesn’t include all the pictures I’ve already used so I made this one instead. Concert photos


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