Updatey Newsy Stuffs

I am applying to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s MFA writing program and trying to figure a couple of things out. First, I need a A+, first rate, knock you off your feet portfolio and have no idea what to put in it. It should be fiction since that will be my main focus. The site says two short stories or a novel excerpt. But two A+, first rate, knock you off your feet short stories and I’m not sure I have those. Or if I do, which ones they are.

Second, this: Writing students are encouraged to develop a plan of study and work with advisors from any area of the school—be it performance, film, sculpture, or art history—that best supports and promotes their continued growth. What do I do with that? I am leaning toward Studios in Photography and Printmedia, bringing this all full circle in helping me make Spoonbender a real imprint that deserves respect…or at least that looks like something people should respect.

I’m excited about this but at the same time scared. Scared that I won’t get in. Scared that if I do get in, I won’t be able to go because I can’t pay for it. Scared that if I do get in, I’ll fail. Scared that if I don’t fail, I’ll graduate and still end up at Burger King. That last one really is probably not an exaggeration. I am trying to start my own publishing imprint (company?) and that’s probably the most irresponsible idea for a “new business” but I think it’s what I really want to do. After all, I’ve put seven and a half thankless, not-for-profit years into bending spoons; it would be pretty awesome to be able to get it out into the world in a print form and actually start making some money off of it.

So, that’s what I’m up to at the moment. Since I am between jobs, there is this nagging feeling in me that is pushing me toward … something. This is your chance to turn things around, it is telling me. Take those dreams you’ve been sitting on and make them real.


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