Checking In

The whats and wherefores of what I’ve been doing lately. It’s not terribly interesting but I thought I’d check in since I haven’t in a while (other than to vent about the state of the world…incidentally, watch the video at the end of this…It’s good, and smart).

In the meantime… I am attempting to submit my application to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago but the site is giving me fits. If I can ever get this application in, I am applying to their MFA Writing program, something my undergrad advisor suggested I should look into (that’s kind of a longish story…). They encourage the writing students to do a cross-study in another program, which is awesome for me because until I found this program I was going back to school for the sake of going back to school. But now, I can do a dual focus in photography and print media and incorporate all of this into making my publishing company a reality. Not at all sure how I am going to pay for it if I get in but… hey, we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.

I have committed to recording a radio show/podcast for my friend’s record label. She’s got a pretty awesome thing going and I’ve been trying to get involved and help her out since the beginning but just haven’t been able to keep up with it. Hopefully, doing this show will keep me involved. I’ll post links here when I get the first show posted. In the meantime, you can “like” the show page on Facebook (here) or follow @voluntarymisfit on Twitter.

That’s probably really all there is to report. Still unemployed and I really only care because I’m sick of sitting around the house. I’ll care more when I get closer to the end of my unemployment… Please don’t misconstrue that to mean I’m not looking for a job. Like I said, I’m sick of sitting around the house. I’m just over being frustrated when I apply for a job and see it reappear on the boards two weeks later. Fine, screw you, whatever. heh

Anyway, watch this:


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