Ten Words that Bug the Crap Out of Me

Because I haven’t written here in a while and needed something to say, I thought I’d share with all you lovely people a list of words that bug me.  Some are real words, some are not but they are still part of our language.

They are, in no particular order:

Tramp – when used as a shortened form of trampoline… not, however, annoying when used to describe a person “the lady is a tramp” or “the tramp hopped a steamer” or even “tramp stamp.”

Frat – short for fraternity.  I spent a lot of time with fraternity boys in college.  It bugged them and as a result it grew to bug me.  Their reasoning was you don’t call your country a cunt… which I chose not to repeat for the most part but if you feel it drives home your point, I guess more power to you.

Hoodie – As in hooded sweatshirt.  I don’t know why, it just does.

Manipedi – On the one hand you sound like you are trying too hard to fit in with the vapid, self-absorbed characters of Sex in the City and second, why have we become so rushed in our lives that the phrase “manicure and pedicure” is just too much to process?

Bling and/or bling bling – A word originally used by hip hop artists who like to flaunt their illiteracy, it has since invaded the Oxford English Dictionary.

Get ‘er dun – Not so much a word as a phrase which is often pronounced as a single word but it seriously makes me fight off violent tendencies.

Moist – It’s an onomatopoeia that makes me think of slimy, squishy things…or people who slobber when they talk.  Oddly, “moisten” doesn’t bother me.

Dongle – Who the #$@&$% thought this word up??? It’s utterly and completely the most ridiculous word I have ever heard.  And what’s worse… it’s a name given to a completely innocuous office device which already had a name, the USB drive or jump drive or thumbnail (if you must).

Tatt/tatts/tatted – Tatted really more than the other two, and really none of them annoy me as much as the rest of the words on this list but is it really that much more difficult to say tattoo?  Maybe try “ink” instead of tattoo… and ink is even shorter than tatt, so win!  And “tatt” bugs more often than not when it’s being used to modify the word artist.  Kind of goes along with frat.  Fraternity guy/brother/man/whatever, tattoo artist. *shrug*

Can’t – Downright infuriating when used in place of the phrase “don’t want to.”  As a matter of fact, I was taught, at one point, by one of my English teachers that “can’t” (or “can not”) and “cannot” are two different words.  “Can’t” or “can not” implies a physical inability, e.g. a deaf person can’t hear, whereas “cannot” implies being disallowed, e.g. I cannot go out because I’m grounded.  Which means a lot of people misuse “can’t” anyway but I worked for a company in which the owners preferred to use it in place of “just don’t want to.” “You can’t put a black logo on a black shirt.” Well, technically, you CAN, you just don’t want to.

Side note…when used properly, “can’t” is not an annoying word.
***Honorable mention: When text speak attacks… I get LOL and BRB and whatever but I have seen people abbreviate full sentences into text speak.  Like, for example ROFLMFAO… which I will admit I have used but seriously people?  Someone went to the trouble of figuring out to abbreviate that and then had to tell all of their friends what it meant.  And zomg… which was a typo that got its 15 minutes of fame.  Zomg is the William Hung of text speak.***


***Honorable Mention #2 – when restaurant staff say “sat” instead of “seated” as in “I sat another group in your section” or “You double sat me!”


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