Open letter to Kill Hannah and the Kill Hannah Kollective

It’s been eight years since some crazy act of fate led me to the song that saved my life. A group of relative unknowns out of Chicago had recently joined the Atlantic Records roster but in a bizarre twist I can’t help but think was meant to be, they never changed their label affiliation on their MySpace account from “unsigned” to “major label” so, even though it shouldn’t have, their song, Kennedy showed up on one of my searches for new, unsigned talent. It turned out to be exactly what I needed at the time.

But I’ve already told that story. This is something else.

In 2007 – two years later – I started getting private messages on MySpace, asking me to join the “Kill Hannah Kult.” I admit, the name was definitely off-putting, but more than that, I was already part of the AFI and Good Charlotte street teams and the last I’d heard of either of them (to this day) was the automated welcome emails. So joining another street team seemed a little silly. As they say, if I’d have known then, what I know now… If I’d have know the intense force that team would become I think I would have been honored to have been able to help build it.

Of course, that’s not possible, but I can be grateful for the time I’ve had with the Kollective (as it was later renamed). I’ve learned so much and been given the opportunity to lead a terrific team of dedicated promoters and fans. But more than that I have met some of the most amazing people. I have built friendships I can’t imagine life without. I brought three of my best friends in and have come away with two more, plus a handful of new surrogate brothers and sisters. These are people to whom I can take just about any problem to get advice or just a sympathetic ear. We share more than just the love of the music and group that brought us together. In many cases, we really are a family. We offer one another solace in times of struggle and pain, we rejoice in one another’s triumphs and we share all of the times in between.

Of course there are some of you for whom I have so much more gratitude to offer than this simple letter can possibly provide. But the biggest thank you goes to the band and the man who brought us all together. So to Kill Hannah and to Mat Devine, thank you. Without you and the music that you have given us over the years, we wouldn’t have each other.


One thought on “Open letter to Kill Hannah and the Kill Hannah Kollective

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