To Do List

So this past month I have been going to school. It’s not at all where I thought I would be this time last year (or 13ish, 14 months ago) when I was struggling to get my application materials together for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago but mostly I think I’ve made a good decision. There are some things that have really frustrated me. I love to learn new things but I hate to struggle with learning them… yeah? Makes sense, right? Anyway, the “book larnin’” part has been super easy; I think out of 200-250 collective exam questions so far, I’ve missed 10? So that part is easy peasy. And some of the practical stuff hasn’t been terrible. I get pin curls and finger waves (retro styles! Victory rolls! Rockabilly! Wahey!) and braiding (hmmm I’ve been braiding hair since I was 16…ish… so I should have that under control, right?) and I think manicures and pedicures will be easy after a couple victims. But the ridiculous curling iron we are using is a nightmare, being short sucks… and of course a brief list of things that are directly related to my health and body type but none of that was the point of this story….

The point is the dollar signs. When I enrolled and signed my contract and whatnot, the owner/director of the school said their graduates rarely make less than $20-30k a year, and that’s the ones who “settle” for working in a mall chain like Cost Cutters or Great Clips. But that’s the bottom of the heap. So naturally, I start spending money I don’t have yet, banking on skills I have yet to master. Whatev. This is what I’ve come up with so far for a to do list with my new found (almost) wealth:

Travel with a band.
Someone with an awesome band (see previous posts for my musical definition of “awesome”) please hire me to be your private stylist. In 13 months I will know how to cut, color and style your hair, apply your make up….also give manicures, pedicures, wax your hair…. ummmmm Surely someone out there will have a need for these things. And (hopefully) I will be just as much a rockstar as you are.

Move to a city.
After all of that ^, or while the band is taking a break from touring, I will need something more like a home base. I’m most recently drawn to Chicago but they have this horrible thing there called winter and while we have that here too, it would be nice to live somewhere it didn’t exist for a while. Regardless, I plan to move to a major metropolitan area and work in or own my own super awesome salon where I will have awesome clients and make mucho dinero.

Aside from “with a band,” I want to explore. One of those musical hero people I’ve mentioned on here before, Mat Devine, once offered a fan the advice that she needed to get on “the wrong bus,” follow it to the end of the line then get off and explore the new surroundings. Every couple of years (every year? Maybe that’s pushing things) I want to play Priceline roulette. Where can I go for $xxx round trip (fill in the xxx with whatever number is most affordable at the time, keeping in mind that I still have to eat and exploring will inevitably cost money – if nothing else, transportation, trains, buses, taxis…)? I am not a spontaneous person but I know a lot of that has to do with worrying about money. I’d love not to worry about money and just run away to somewhere random.

Definitely not abandoning this goal. I feel like my art will always be a part of me, regardless of what I choose as a “day job.” I mean, the ultimate goal of this new education is a “career” but who says a person can’t have two careers at the same time? And if someone does say that, why do we listen to what other people think about things that are none of their business anyway? But hopefully, with a legitimate career level income funding everything I can get some stuff out to the public and really start getting some attention…hopefully.

I guess that’s really all. I thought there was more but I really can’t think of what it might have been at this point. If you read all of this, thank you for listening to me ramble. If you didn’t, well then you’re not reading this so it really was a wasted sentence then, wasn’t it?


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