WARNING!!!!!! Fact-based, logic-fueled political rant to follow

Occasionally we find ourselves in situations where arguing politics with people who are clearly uneducated is both inappropriate and futile so instead, I will share my rebuttal here.

In response to things I’ve heard lately:

I’m not getting Obamacare, I’m sticking with my private insurance.

Like it or not, agree with it or not, as an American citizen, you have “Obamacare.” What people are not understanding is that “Obamacare” is not insurance. This goes all the way back to the ability of politicians to vilify something based on the American public’s blatant refusal to educate themselves. “Obamacare” is a 900+ page piece of legislation (yeah, okay, I get it, 900 pages of anything is an endeavor, nevermind legalese, but it is available as part of the public record for anyone who wants to read it) titled “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (referred to from this point forward as the ACA). The ACA is (much needed) healthcare reform. There are aspects of the ACA that are a little off-putting and other aspects that are going to take time to iron themselves out but if Americans were encouraged to gather facts for themselves, I think a lot more people would see the benefit of the ACA.*

But now I’m off topic… or at the very least drifting into another topic. The point is, the ACA is a law, making it the opposite of an option. You are full within your rights, under the ACA, to keep your private insurance but you get to keep “Obamacare” as well.

I should say you are full within your rights, under the ACA, to keep your private insurance as long as your private insurance follows the ACA…which brings me to the next flawed and misinformed argument…

Obama canceled my insurance.

Nope. There are really only two reasons your insurance company, not the President, not the government, your insurance company would have canceled a policy based on the ACA. And neither of them are really pleasant. First, your insurance company has been abusing their customers and when the ACA took full effect, they chose to cancel policies rather than comply with new laws that would actually help their customers (and probably hurt them because why else would they be mistreating their customers if not for financial gain?).

Second, …. No, really that probably is the reason. I mean, there are other variations of the story but they all come down to the same thing. You have been paying for things that you are no longer required to pay for under the ACA and your insurance company would rather kick you to the curb than take a loss for your pre-existing condition. Which, if you think about it, doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s most likely why your insurance policy was canceled, not because the President is a socialist pig.

Obama raised my insurance rates.

Really, just see above.

Obamacare is forcing us to be chipped and tracked like wildlife.

I … Honestly, this is one of my favorites** because it is SO FREAKING LUDICROUS. 900+ pages of legislation and not only does it not contain any mention of RFID chips but “radio” and “chip” appear ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE. Not once in the whole document. Identification and frequency do a couple of times but not in any context that would imply RFID chip implantation.

Obamacare ruins small businesses by forcing them to provide insurance to their employees.

Exactly the opposite, actually. First, any business with fewer than 50 employees is not, READ NOT, required to provide group insurance policies (businesses with more should already be offering reduced rate insurance. That is both part of the ACA and my personal opinion…one reason for choosing to work for a large company over a small company is the benefits packages, right?). BUT even more than that, small businesses (fewer than 50 employees) can get a tax break of up to 50% of their employees’ premiums.

If you have any interest in gaining further knowledge about what you’re really being spoon-fed by the media, go here: http://obamacarefacts.com/obamacare-myths.php

*The real fact is that when asked how they feel about Obamacare, people are hesitant or disapproving but when given separate aspects of the bill on which to form an opinion, without being told where it came from, they approve of it in much higher numbers. Thank you, Conservative wingnuts, for making this a battle of wits with often unarmed and unsuspecting opponents.

**The word “favorite” here means “makes me want to burn things.”


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