Handwriting analysis

In my boredom this afternoon, I decided to do a bit of handwriting analysis, because that’s how I roll LOL You can do your own here (it’s 50 questions so be prepared to spend a little time on it….): http://www.writinganalysis.com/online/

This is what it told me about me:

Motivating Forces
Desiree has the emotional independence to act on her own when necessary, as long as she feels comfortable with what she is doing. She is also able to take direction. She needs plenty of freedom, which means she chafes a bit when working under restrictions. However, at the same time, her casual use of time means she needs a detailed schedule if tasks are to be completed in a reasonable time frame. When there is disharmony, she would rather negotiate a settlement than fight it out. If that is not possible, she will do what she can to quickly resolve the situation and restore agreement. Her need for material and financial security is about average. What this means is, she works to take care of her needs and those of her family, but is not so driven that she make security her sole focus.

Ego Strength
It’s not an easy choice for Desiree to make, but there may be times when she will bend her principles to some degree. More than likely, those times will be when she is feeling under pressure from her social group, and her conscience will probably suffer for it. A sense of personal pride gives her all the reward she needs. Having taken to heart the lessons that experience has taught her and put them into practice, she has developed a pleasant symmetry and poise in her personality. Instead of being crushed by mistakes or disagreeable events in her life, Desiree uses them as building blocks to increase her self-confidence and dignity. Living her life without a lot of fanfare, her self-esteem is well enough developed for her to know what she wants and how to get her needs met. Since her willpower is about average, there are times when she might waver if temptation comes along and tries to sway her from her original intentions. Keeping her objectives fairly short-term might be helpful.

handwriting chart

This is the chart that went with the words….

handwriting sample

My handwriting sample. Part of the reason I did this is because I think I have pretty cool handwriting so I’m sharing that with everyone. HA


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