Day 2, Letter 1

For the most part I plan to just write whatever comes into my brain but I have given a handful of close friends the opportunity to ask open-ended questions and I’ll answer them here as I go along. Maybe it will become more than just a 30 day project. At any rate, this is my response to the first question “submitted.”

My amazing little sister –

You asked me about my favorite memory of us.

I honestly can’t answer this question.

As I searched for the answer, I remembered all that we have been through together. Concerts, watching our sisters marry their best friends, hoping that we would have that day eventually where we would marry our best friends (respectively), late night talks, sorority formals, and just hanging out.

It’s not the big things. I mean, not that I won’t remember finally meeting Chris Carrabba with you by my side and getting his handwriting tattooed together (together but separately) but what means more to me than that is the laughter and tears. It’s thinking of you first whenever something – good or bad – comes up in my life – whether it’s to invite you along or to share my news with you. It’s getting lost trying to find concert venues then seven years later, finally getting to see one of the bands we missed while we were lost.

You came into the sorority just as I was leaving, as a COB. Because you were only present for the last few months before I graduated, we didn’t really get to do any of those sorority bonding things. We didn’t go on a retreat together, we didn’t go to (then) State Day together. You weren’t there when your official big sister and I literally chased fraternity brothers all over the city playing Water Mafia. I wasn’t there to see your initiation. My first clear memory of you was in my living room for my Senior Night.

I wonder how things would have been if we had been collegiates together. Would we be as close as we are? Would you be my legitimate little sister instead of just adopted? Or are we the way we are because we put in the effort, on our own, to become this?

I don’t have a favorite memory with you. Because all of the little moments add up to one beautiful, crazy, amazing journey that has brought us to what we are and what we have. We have grown together, laughed together, cried together, celebrated together and I look forward to creating more of those little memories – and maybe a few more big ones – in the years to come.



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