Day 15 and the get rich quick scheme

A while back – I think it’s actually been a couple years now, since I started – I put together a small collection of “still-life” drawings based on classic children’s stories. I was actually super proud of how they turned out and really wanted to find a way to make something out of them. I considered putting them on t-shirts but didn’t think they would sell very well. They are just pencil sketches so I didn’t think reproducing them as prints would go over terribly well… What could I do with these pictures I was so proud of?

I feel like I am one of those people who is always chasing the next get rich quick scheme. I’m not all about selling stuff like Mary Kay or Scentsy. Most of the schemes I chase are pretty legitimate (not that those things aren’t but I’m terrible at selling things. I don’t think I could sell flies to a frog.

But I’ve put hours of work into designing t-shirts to sell on t-shirt sites. And failed at that and I don’t even know why (because I can’t get feedback from people on the sites to tell me why they’re not buying the designs I am trying to sell…). I have published a couple of books and sold like five copies of each one. I set up an Etsy shop to try to sell jewelry and crocheted bits….These are all things I think could be real money makers – at least enough to fund a vacation or something – if I could just figure out how to make them work for me.

So my most recent get rich quick scheme is to turn these drawings into an adult coloring book to sell on Amazon. Because I can publish it directly through Amazon and it will find its way into Amazon’s adult coloring book section and people will find it there and buy it because it’s awesome.

At least, that’s the plan.

The basic idea of the drawings is key objects from classic children’s literature. I am trying to steer clear of elements added by Disney (for example, Belle’s chipped tea cup from …well, technically from Once Upon a Time because in Beauty and the Beast, Chip the teacup was an actual character, or Arielle’s dinglehopper) to avoid copyright issues. So far, I have a two page spread for Alice in Wonderland that includes a rose, tea pot and cup, the Hatter’s hat, a pocket watch and then a full page of roses. And for Snow White with a heart (a real, anatomical, human heart), a dagger, an apple, a mirror, and a spool of thread with a needle and then a page full of apples for the second page.

As for drawings left to convert, I have Rumplestiltskin, Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan. And I know I need more than just five stories (ten pages) to make a legitimate coloring book. So I have to really engage my brain and figure out what else to design pages around.

I guess that’s the run down on my latest get rich quick scheme. I’m hoping to have it finished in time to fund a trip to Las Vegas with some girlfriends in the fall.


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