Day 20 and the art of being social

You know what I love about Facebook (social media, generally speaking)? It gives people the chance to connect with others, whether they are a million miles away or sitting across the table from you (admit it, you’ve “checked in” somewhere only to have your companion comment on the check in).

It is also a great networking tool. Starting a new business? Send friend requests to everyone you knew in high school so you can have that many more business contacts.

I mentioned before that people tend to get into this place with social media where that is their only form of communication with a lot of people. You have a few friends with whom you have exchanged phone numbers or addresses for “snail mail” but for the most part… let’s say you have 150 Facebook “friends.” The reality of that is that there are probably 100 of those people to whom you would never talk …

No, let’s take that back a step further.

Chances are, if you have 150 friends on Facebook, you actually talk (be it on the phone or through Facebook messages/comments) to 20 of them. I’m talking, like, ever, not even on a regular basis. Twenty. So you have 130 out of 150 friends you never talk to. Like, ever. So, back to those 20 people. Compare those 20 to your phone contacts. Half? Maybe you have 15 of them in your phone. Good job. When was the last time you called any of them?

The point is we have definitely reached a point where we collect people.

We’ve collected everything else, now we collect people.

It doesn’t matter who the people are, how, or even if, you know them, you know… IRL. It only matters that you have the most, that you have the biggest collection, or at least a bigger collection than your peers.

We’ve mistaken people for POGS.

I’ve gotten totally sidetracked from what brought me to this topic but I think it’s interesting to look at how people interact on social media.

I am not excluding myself from this in any way. I recently went through my friends and deleted a bushel basket full of people I either haven’t talked to in months or, in some cases, have never talked to. There are still more I could get rid of.

And the thing about that?

A lot of those people I could get rid of are people who live in the same town. They are people with whom I went to high school or cosmetology school and to call them “friends” is really quite generous. Some days, I think “acquaintance” is generous. After all, the word “acquaintance” comes from the root “to be acquainted,” which, in turn, means to know something/someone. Mostly, that does not apply to most of these people.

I figured this out (this is where I started with this idea; it took me a few trips around the airport but I’m finally landing…) through …well, it’s really not new news, just a reinforcement of an old realization… through trying to find out if anyone, locally, would be going to a concert, locally, and wanted to get together. We’re friends, right? Hanging out at a concert is what friends do, right? Seeing that your friend is going to the same show you are and telling them you’re going to is what friends do, right?

Looks like I’ll be flying solo to yet another local show.

And I should probably take the vacuum over that friends list one more time, get rid of a little more dust.

Side note: If you are reading this and worry that I’m talking about you, chances are that because you are reading this, I am, in fact, not talking about you because you made the effort to read this… Savvy?


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