Day 24, a day for letters

This came across my Facebook feed as a “copy and paste this to your status and tag 10 friends” post. I opted, instead, to share it here and offer a little more for each one than just one sentence.

Dear self: People leave. The people who come into your life and don’t stay, do not determine your worth to the people who do stay. And people do stay. Not everyone will leave.
Dear crush: I have more to say to you than I could fit in this small space. I want to tell you that you are beautiful, inside and out, and all I want in the world, right now, is to be near you, to feel your energy, to smell your hair, hear your voice, and every day that we don’t talk, I miss you in my life. We were onto something awesome and I just really want to have that back. I think, together, we could take over the world.
Dear mom: I’m undeniably a pain in the ass but I’m also an adult with a strong will and a strong mind. I don’t think you always accept that as fact.
Dear dad: It is very hard to say that we moved past words. I don’t know how to not resent the last 20 years. I don’t know if I will ever figure it out.
Dear school: Please take me back. I want to learn something (else) new.
Dear siblings: You were always noticeably absent from my life. Even though I am pretty sure in my entire life you have been mentioned twice, I always wanted the one thing my parents really couldn’t ever give me, a big brother. I never knew you but I miss you.
Dear past me: There have been good people and bad people but through it all you manage to maintain a good heart and (so far) never let the bullies and the fake friends make you bitter. Good on you. It does get better.
Dear future me: I hope I have made you proud. I hope we have things that make us truly happy.
Dear future child:  If you exist, I hope that I have given you a warm, happy, loving life. Chances are very good that your start in the world was less than that.
Dear person I hate: You don’t exist. This is not a “you are dead to me” statement. Hate is a word I reserve for broccoli and frustration.
Dear person I love: There are so many of you… To every woman I have ever called “sister,” thank you for being there, good, bad, high, low, happy, sad, manic and otherwise. I know I can be a lot to handle sometimes but every one of you has taken me on like we were blood. I cannot ever say thank you enough.
Dear ex best friend: People say the friends you have in your youth are the ones you will keep forever. I am sad to say that is not true for me. We grew apart, we changed, and it was more than our friendship was able to handle. I’m sorry that it happened. The worst part is I am not sorry enough to force something that is no longer there. I hope you are happy.
Dear celebrity crush: One day, I’ll make it to a Comic Con and maybe run into you off site. We can have coffee and a good chat because if the last few years of my life have taught me anything it is how not to be starstruck.
Dear future husband/wife: Marriage is not super high on my list of priorities but if we take the leap and sign the papers, please know that that is the last paper I intend to sign regarding our union so make it count.
Dear boyfriend/girlfriend: You don’t exist right now but I hope that when you do, I never make you question your worth to me. When I love, I love hard and I will always do my damnedest to make you feel wanted.
Dear people that hate me: I get it. I’m crazy, complicated, expertly sardonic, and a whole lot to handle and I can be straight up vicious when I’m cornered. You don’t like me and I do not fault you for that even a little bit. But I won’t change anything about what you hate just to change your mind.
Dear people that love me: I’m crazy, complicated, expertly sardonic, and a whole lot to handle and you are incredible for taking it on. I hope that I have made your life a little better for it.


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