Day 27 and an open letter

Dear American Adult –

Undoubtedly, you have heard it all 1000 times before. Vote. Vote because you can. If you are a woman, vote because you haven’t even had the right to vote for a full century. Vote because … any number of other reasons people might throw at you.

Ordinarily, I am more inclined to say don’t vote unless you are willing to put in the effort to find out who you should vote for (which does NOT include watching campaign ads). I would rather people who are uninformed and un- or under-educated on the issues and the candidates not vote for the people or things that other people tell them they should vote for.

This year, however, I am imploring everyone to find out what is really going on (here is a list of different sites that will help you do that) and vote. The reality is Donald Trump has a very decent chance of getting the Republican nomination.

I have friends in other countries (many of them in the UK but not all). Several, actually. In 2012, they were all very concerned about the possibility that we might not re-elect Obama. They – keep in mind, “they” indicates my friends and is not necessarily indicative of the whole country’s opinions – thought he was a good leader and was poised to do great things for our country, and for the world. I won’t get into that here, but, for the most part they were right.

See, the difference between a large majority of Americans and our friends across the pond, is that those folks over there actually dig into what’s going on whereas those of us here in the colonies are content being spoon-fed what the media wants us to know. Again, blanket statements that I realize do not apply to everyone (myself included) but in my experience, they are fairly accurate.

So when these same friends are all over social media expressing their concern that we will elect Trump in this upcoming election, I listen to what they have to say.

Mostly, nothing they are saying is anything I haven’t already said but to hear someone else say it kind of offers some validation. The point is that Trump is scary. It’s not just that he is inciting riots or that he is cultivating an atmosphere of hate and bigotry and misogyny and Islamophobia, although all of those things are important as well. It is that his hate speech is upsetting foreign leaders and dignitaries. The kinds of people the U.S. are really going to miss when they turn their backs on us.

I don’t know how the U.N. works but if being kicked out is a thing that can happen, I’m fully expecting that to be a response to the appointment of Donald Trump to public office. And if that happens, there is nothing to stop a full-blown attack from the countries we pissed off decades ago and who never got over their grudge.

I am not going to tell you how or for whom you should vote. All I am asking is that you really look into what’s really going on. Really listen to what the candidates are saying in the debates. Look into their voting records. Where do they stand on issues that are important to you. The “experts” keep saying if enough people, especially in the 18-35 demographic, vote, it will definitely upset Trump’s chances at winning the general election. And I can’t express how important it is that his chances are diminished as much as possible.

I am not telling anyone who to vote for. I am just begging that everyone understand what President Donald Trump really means for the immediate future of the world. Not a few years down the road, not when the next guy comes along to clean up the mess left by  his predecessor, not after he’s had a little extra time to dance naked in the Oval Office… what it all means for the world, now.


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