Day 29 is late

I missed the actual Day 29 of this challenge. That was yesterday. Technically, this would be Day 30 and that would make this the final entry. But I feel like I committed to 30 blog posts more than to 30 days.

I revisited one of my lists of questions and found the following, which I will address in detail after the jump.

How would your friends describe you?

And now I will detour from the topic and talk, instead, about what this question made me think…

For starters, I have been working on a project – mostly in my head … okay, entirely in my head – describing myself (as a character in a book) from my Crush’s point of view. Or, rather, the point of view I would very much like for him to have. It’s all very circular but basically, I wrote a brief sketch of him as a character and now I want to turn it around and make myself into a character but as he sees me. As if the two were characters in the same story.

Are you confused yet? Anyway, it’s just a little bit of creative fiction that has been floating around in my head, refusing to come out and play in the sunshine.

I really could only come up with fractured ideas, nothing coherent that I could turn into a character sketch or a moment where he was just watching (me) her and thinking about why (I) she is special to him.

So that’s on the back burner for a while until I can fully organize my thoughts.

In the meantime, how would my friends describe me?

They tend to use a lot of flowery words and glowing praise when they talk about me. Amazing, beautiful (although, I was called a terribly beautiful mess the other day so there is that) … one friend tells me I’m an angel in disguise.

It’s not that I don’t warmly and graciously accept these glowing accolades. But where are the words like sarcastic, immature, obsessive, sharp tongued? Not that there is anything wrong with being sarcastic; it just doesn’t really fit with “amazing, beautiful angel.”

The truth is, I’m not really sure how my friends would describe me. I have pretty nice friends. I think they would use nice words. “She’s a Scorpio and she has curly purple hair and she’s short and she likes music and …”

At the same time, I am not sure how to describe my closest friends either. I definitely tend to eat things like “she really has no filter and will say anything that pops into her head” or … actually, that’s probably the most legitimate version of every potentially negative thing about every one of my friends. They’re awesome people, don’t get me wrong, but they can be a little salty. Every last one of them.

Which is probably why they are my people.


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