Day 4 – 10 Facts about me

Day 4 – 10 interesting facts about you

Trying to come up with 10 of these that are different to the last 10 I came up with is a little trying but here we go….

  1. I like doing menial tasks. Paperwork, assembling IKEA furniture, keeping a running database of all my DVDs… As long as I can do something else once in a while too. I mean, I wouldn’t want to assemble IKEA furniture 40 hours a week for a job but if you buy something and don’t want to put it together, I might be persuaded to help out.
  2. I like to make CDs for friends. Just for fun. To share what I’m listening to or my favorites in a particular genre. And I put a lot of work into them with cover art and labels. Which is actually something I learned from my ex-idiot’s brother and his then-girlfriend who used to make mini-CDs (which were a thing for about 10 minutes in the early 2000s and held about 25 minutes of music) and pass them out at coffee shops and independent music stores, book stores, art supply stores…anywhere they thought they might a receptive audience.
  3. I have a mild obsession with office supplies. I love buying pens and pencils and notebooks.
  4. Speaking of, I also have an obsession with guided journals. They are with the regular journals (diaries, whatever) in the bookstore but they follow a theme and you fill in the answers to questions instead of just writing about your day or your crush or whatever you do with an ordinary diary.
  5. I don’t really like sweets and candies but the things I do like, I really like. Unfortunately, I kind of have expensive tastes. Not as bad as some I’ve come across but I won’t hesitate to spend $4-5 for a chocolate bar that tastes better than the $1.50 Hershey’s bar. I like dark chocolate, real licorice (Twizzlers taste like eating a straw). I do like gummi bears and cinnamon bears which are generally pretty inexpensive but mostly I like to spend a little more on the “good stuff.”
  6. I’ve never really liked playing video games. I like simulation games where I can build and create things (like the Sims). I like role playing games except sometimes the battles still frustrate me because I never learned how to push the buttons in the right order fast enough to make cool things happen. And I like Tetris. I’m pretty awesome at Tetris.
  7. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been searching for things that will scare me. I was 8 or 9 when I first asked the librarian for something “scary.” That was not the first scary book I ever checked out (it wasn’t even scary; I ended up with the Ghost at Dawn’s House, from the Baby-Sitters Club series). Before that I had read Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trilogy but I had read them a couple times so I needed something new. Even now, I’m on what feels like a never-ending quest to find something scary (that isn’t real life scary like moving to a new city or telling my friend I have a major crush on him).
  8. I kind of have creation ADD. Even just right now, I’m working on this and on making a CD for a friend. Plus two blankets (three if you count the pile of chopped up T-shirts that want to grow up to be a quilt). I almost always have two or three creative projects active at one time, nevermind all the things I’m not actively working on, like two novels and ideas for others.
  9. I like sending random cards and notes to people. Friends, not random people, just random notes that really don’t tie into anything. Like, not because it’s a holiday or your birthday but just because I think everyone needs to be told someone was thinking of them that day, once in a while. I also like letters. Real, genuine, more than 500 words, handwritten letters but I never feel like I have anything to say to warrant the used of the paper.
  10. I can turn on music and completely lose track of everything. I have, on more than one occasion, sat in the same place and just let the music play for hours. Like four or five. I start, sit down, turn on the music, and the next time I register the existence of time, it’s much later.

There you have it. 10 … well, facts about me anyway. I guess something in all of that might have been interesting to some of you. Maybe you at least learned something new.


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