Day 5 – Home is where your heart is

Day 5 – A place you would live but have never visited

I’ve always known that I was meant to live in a city. I have visited a few over the years and there have only been a couple places I’ve been where  I didn’t think I could eventually live. New York City and Las Vegas. But everywhere else I’ve visited felt good. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that. I just felt like I belonged there. It felt right.

I know it’s probably a crazy idea but I would love to be able to just pack up and move. Every couple of years. To a new city. Get the full experience of living somewhere. I know it would probably be an expensive way to live – moving expenses, getting set up somewhere new – it just sounds like it would be fun. I know traveling nurses and traveling teachers are real, why not traveling hairdressers? Plus it would give me a lot to write about and a lot of opportunities to take pictures along the way.

Since I haven’t had the opportunity to visit a lot of places, I guess I can safely say, with that goal in mind, I could live just about anywhere that I haven’t visited. Because I want to visit everywhere I possibly can while I still can.

I’ve never been all about the tourist traps. I’m not looking to visit every national monument in the country or whatever. I’ve always been more interested in experiencing a city from a local’s perspective. I want to know where the locals eat, where to find the best music or where to shop for books. It’s hard to do that while just visiting. When you’re visiting, you get caught up in whatever you came to see. You see the tourist sites, you do as much as humanly possible in three or four or five days, you fly through the city on a whirlwind and snap a thousand pictures and are lucky if you remember any of it later.

My last trip to Chicago was finally not that. I finally got a chance to do some things I hadn’t done before and make some memories with the friends I was with. It took three tries to make that happen. That’s why I want to live in as many different places as possible. To have the chance to spend real time exploring the city and having coffee somewhere that isn’t Starbucks (as much as I love the consistency of Starbucks) and buying books somewhere that isn’t Barnes & Noble.

That said, I think my top five places I’d like to live that I haven’t already visited might look a little like this:

Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Boston, MA
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY (which totally counts because I never got out of the theater district in Manhattan)
New Orleans, LA

Which doesn’t take into account all the places where I have friends because obviously I’d be cool living those places, too.


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