Day 12 – funny things that are only funny if you know…

Day 12 – Two words/phrases that make you laugh 

Merry Maids 

One particularly silly night out with my college roommates resulted in a particularly silly … “conversation.” Most of it has been relegated to the high security vault that is my memory but “Merry Maids” remains.

It’s one of those stories that sounds especially dumb if you weren’t a participant because saying that efforts to properly recap the absurdity fall short is a gross understatement.

Basically, something was said, someone misunderstood, someone else (me) suggested we needed to invest in hearing aids, someone else thought I said we needed to get Merry Maids and it all went downhill from there.

And that’s the story. From that night on, the phrase Merry Maids – when uttered between the roommate with whom I am still close and me – still makes me smile.

And an honorable mention goes to Afternoon Delight…because of the attached video. Enjoy.



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