Day 14 got a little creative…

Day 14 – Your life in 7 years

7 is an interesting number but okay, we’ll run with it.

We’ll start with the “this is what I hope will happen” answer and then discuss the “what I expect to be more realistic” answer. I know, I know, anything is possible, don’t discount your dreams, blah blah blah but life has a way of getting in the way of things. So I keep my head in the stars and my feet on the ground.

My life in 7 years:

2017: Move to Denver. Transfer to a salon in the area. Make money. See tons of concerts because I’m close enough to make that a thing. Finally feel like I’m getting things figured out. Have finally figured out how to make a long distance thing work with Crush. Taking photography classes. Got hooked up with a band and spent four or five or six weeks on tour with them, doing their hair, managing their merch, running their tour blog, and being their general Girl Friday.

2018: Crush and I are ready to burn down a new city together. Set up a trendy studio where I do trendy hair and take pictures and offer special deals to musicians, local and touring, alike. Start writing and shooting for a local music rag. Have finally regained the spark to finish a couple of my neglected and malnourished novels.

2019: A lot more of the same because I’m finally figuring out what my dreams really are which makes achieving them a lot easier. Spend a month-six weeks on the road promoting a novel. Drag Crush home with me to help run interference at my class reunion which sounds fun in theory but will probably be as much fun as high school actually was.

2020: It’s probably time to pack up and check out a new city, scissors, camera gear, and Crush in tow (yep, definitely have my sights on him for the long term…). We’ve been wherever we were for long enough. What’s 40? Psh. Schedule meetings with Hollywood to figure out what they need to make my book into a movie.

2021: By now, I don’t really have to dream about bigger and better things. They are finding me. And him. We’re comfortable. Maybe I’ll look into teaching hair things or photography things or writing things because I’ve had a vast array of experiences with all of them. Maybe look into taking classes in something else. I’ve always been a decent cook.

2022: After two years here, Crush and I are feeling the gypsy itch again. We throw a dart at a map. We sell or toss anything that won’t fit in our two cars and within a couple weeks we are setting up camp in whatever major metropolis is closest to that dart we threw. Writing, selling photos to major publications and have had a few gallery exhibits.

2023: We start working on figuring out what it is going to take to move abroad next year.

More realistically, by the time 2023 rolls around…

I will hopefully have finished at least A novel.

I will have had the opportunity to tell Crush, to his face, how I feel instead of being passive aggressive and vague, hoping he’ll get the hint.

I will probably have moved to Denver. Maybe Colorado Springs. Beyond that is something I want to do very much but I have a pessimistic streak that tells me all the reasons that probably won’t happen.

I will probably go back to school again in some capacity, even if just to take some art/photography classes because I got bored.

Something that never even crosses my mind when I do these kinds of things is children. I feel like that is something that people reading this plan would notice but I don’t. “What do you want to be doing in 5 years? 10 years?” I want to be able to travel and live in different cities and have a career I love passionately and maybe be able to combine all the things I love to do into one sparkly ball of life. “What about starting a family?” OH… um… no. I mean, I’m all for having a partner with whom to share my triumphs and tragedies but “family?” It’s just not even something that registers until it’s pointed out to me.

So, that’s my answer to today’s question. Maybe you learned a little about me?


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