Day 15 and all of life’s little annoyances

Day 15 – Three pet peeves

I’m kind of a peevish person … I may have several dozen pet peeves. But here are the first things that jump to mind that might actually lead to more than 10 words…

Willful ignorance.

People who understand that they don’t understand something but they don’t care. They are perfectly happy not understanding. I see it most with politics but it happens with other things too. I don’t expect everyone to thirst for knowledge and there are certainly things in the world that not everyone needs to know. Like, you should know how to feed yourself. Maybe more than microwaved meals. But you don’t need to know how to make eggplant parmigiana. But for the love of all that is green and good in this world, if you are going to vote for public office, educate yourself in some way other than reading Facebook posts and watching ads on television.

Judgmental people

First of all, judgmental people in general. But what really bugs me is people who judge others for things that don’t matter. Like, “You like APPLES?! Apples are horrible. How can you like APPLES?!” Or… “Metal music isn’t even music. It’s just noise and people screaming. You can’t even understand what they are screaming about. People who like it are dumb and angry.” Why does any of this matter? Just let people do their thing, you do yours, and I promise we’ll all be a lot better off for it. Especially because there are real problems in the world to worry about. There is no sense in wasting your time judging other people.

People who talk during stuff

When you’re watching a movie or TV show with someone: “What are they doing? What’s going on? Why are they doing that? What’s going to happen?” You have seen just as much as I have. Shut up and watch! When you’re reading a book: “What are you reading? Is it any good? What is it about?” It’s about a woman, in a coffee shop, who beats a complete stranger to death with her book. When you’re listening to music (especially with headphones/earbuds): “What are you listening to? I’ve never heard of them. What kind of music is it? Is it good?” Nope, it’s terrible, that’s why I’m sitting by myself, without other people, with my earbuds in, trying to drown out the world. GO AWAY!


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