Day 18 -the colors of the wind

Day 18 – Favorite color and why

Here’s a challenge. Purple. Because it’s pretty.

The End.

I suppose you want a little more, huh?

I am drawn to bright, bold colors. Cool jewel tones – kelly green, royal blue, violet – primarily, but I just like bold colors in general. Even yellow and orange, which would be my choices if I had to pick “least favorite” colors. But true yellow and true orange, not “lemon” or “creamsicle.” Not “mustard” or “terra cotta.” Yellow. And orange.

I could go into a whole psychoanalysis session and say that I prefer bold things – bold colors, bold music, bold literature (is the word “bold” losing its impact for anyone else or is it just me?) – because I also prefer bold people (which I guess is kind of true).

I could get into the signs of the zodiac and say that Scorpios are bold and intense so that’s why I am drawn to bold, intense colors. Because Scorpio’s “signature” colors are red and black.

But the truth is I don’t know why I like bright, bold, intense colors. I’ve never really had a reason other than I am just drawn to them. When I shop for clothes, it’s the racks with purple things and blue things and green things that attract my attention first. When I pick out flowers, I look for the brightest ones. When the flower counter at the grocery store puts out the crazy daisies (the ones they dye bright colors) I always consider buying them (I don’t know what I would do with them if I did, so I don’t).

I wear red and hot pink and purple lipstick (of course, not all at the same time). I have hot pink boots and purple Creepers. And even though my sneakers are grey and black, the first thing I bought after I bought them was purple laces.

I don’t feel like an intense, bold, bright person but I also don’t know how others see me. Maybe I am. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to those colors. Because we have something in common.


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