Day 21 – Scorpio

Day 21 – Your zodiac sign and whether you think it fits you

I’m late but here’s the thing.

I am a Scorpio. My parents went into an IKEA, picked out the box marked “Scorpio,” took it home, and assembled me. Built from a kit, I was.

Three or four days ago, I asked my Facebook friends to tell me the stereotypes and cliches that they had heard about Scorpios and I would bring their responses here and tell you how they did or did not apply to me, personally. I got two responses. Which I found intensely frustrating because I really thought this could be fun but whatever. We’ll talk about those two responses and then move on…Both said “Scorpios are passionate” (one said some other stuff too but this is where we’re at now…).

So, what does that mean? In general and as it applies to me? The common misconception is that “passion” is synonymous with “nymphomania.”

The reality is that Scorpios approach every situation with zeal and enthusiasm. Monotony and menial tasks frustrate a Scorpio. In the career world, for example, a Scorpio will be very unfulfilled – and subsequently, unhappy – in a job about which they are not passionate. That doesn’t necessarily mean a Scorpio can’t be fulfilled managing a Taco Bell or being a stay-at-home parent. Every person is different and every person finds passion in something different.

Scorpios apply that same passion to their personal relationships as well and that is where the misconception about our obsession with sex comes from. And while, yes, Scorpios have a strong libido, they aren’t going to go home with just any random stranger they meet in a bar. One thing I read in trying to find a novel approach to this post that really made a lot of sense was that, for a Scorpio, “lovemaking” starts long before the bedroom. It starts with meaningful conversation and attentiveness from our partner. It starts with that moment when you both reach for the bread at the same time and touch hands instead. It starts with soul gazing eye contact or looking at the stars. The physical act of intercourse is the icing on the cake of intimacy but for a Scorpio, it is a pretty big cake.*

In not getting the kind of response I was looking for by asking for clichés and stereotypes, I decided to dig through the internet and find graphics with Scorpio traits. I thought I could embed the pictures and then explain why they did or did not apply to me. But as I got into it, I realized that I have one loyal follower who is visually impaired and can’t read the text on graphics (which means that there are probably others who would have trouble with it) so I started to caption all of the graphics with the words that were written on them. That got totally out of hand so I abandoned the whole project.

Abandoning that project took me to YouTube to find videos of people talking about different aspects of being a Scorpio and they all annoyed me. What is it with these YouTube personalities being so melodramatic? Maybe it’s just people who talk about metaphysical things like the Zodiac but of the five or six videos I tried to watch, they all used the word “in-TENSE” in the first thirty seconds and they all elected to sing “Scoooor-p-ooooooh” like some strange bastard love child of fanfare and doom music.

I did find one that didn’t annoy me. Probably because she didn’t sound like she was reading from and because she was totally into what she was talking about. She is asking why Scorpios are so intriguing to others and she looks genuinely intrigued (at one point, she kind of creeps herself out…I was amused). I’ll let you watch it and then offer a couple thoughts on what she’s said…

The first thing that got me was when she talks about the popularity of Scorpio videos all across YouTube. I get it. We’re complicated. We’re walking paradoxes. Even Scorpios need a little help understanding and managing Scorpios. My friend has an almost-tween Scorpio son and she was asking me a new question every week. “He is doing this. Is that a Scorpio thing? What do I do about it?” So I found a book about understanding your Scorpio (I’m actually considering buying one for myself because Scorpios intrigue me…besides, then I’d have it if I needed to share its contents with someone in the future). It was the only one of its kind. I looked. I couldn’t find a book completely devoted to understanding Capricorn or Virgo. But there is enough people who have enough trouble dealing with the crazy train that is Scorpio that there is a whole book about us.

She talks about people being fascinated by Scorpios. That is one thing that I’m not at all sure of. I’ve even asked people about it. I’m not fishing for compliments. It’s the detective aspect of Scorpio pushing me to know whether or not people feel that magnetic pull toward me. It’s not that I want people to say, “YES! You fascinate me!” I really just want to know if that is something else about me that fits the mold or if it’s one of the few oddball traits that don’t fit me.** I am totally convinced that Scorpios are drawn to one another. I have 156 Facebook friends and an easy 30 (or more) of them are Scorpios. We have a way of sniffing out our own kind. Which is another thing I’ve asked people about – if they notice that same trend with their own sign. Most people tell me they’ve never noticed.

I think it’s very interesting that she puts all vampires in the Scorpio box. I don’t necessarily do this with ALL vampires but I can think of two I definitely would. Spike and Angel (if you know, you know. If you don’t… I guess, do some research because that is too much of a tangent to get into right now). Also, not vampiric, but I’ve always thought Bruce Wayne and the Joker were probably both Scorpios (all of these characters probably have a birthdate – and subsequent Zodiac sign – recorded in their backstory but I’d rather just keep my illusions). But beyond the subject of vampires, I kind of do this with everyone. If you give off a dark, intense, passionate vibe, I’m going to label you a Scorp until I learn otherwise. If you fly a little left of center and find fascination in things other people might consider weird, I label you a Scorpio. If I am inexplicably drawn to you, I assume you are another on that long list of people I know born in the Scorpio season (it’s pretty much at least one birthday per day).

Basically, visit a Scorpio website or a Zodiac website. Buy a Zodiac book or that Scorpio book I mentioned before. Read a little about us. That’s me. Built from a kit, textbook, prototypical Scorpio in a Can, only 200 easy payments of $19.95. Unfortunately, that helps you figure out that I’m a handful. It doesn’t really get you to all the cogs and fiddly gears that get this little dirigible off the ground but it’s a start. It tells you you have to dig. You have to make an effort. I’ll share information but teaser samples. The things I want you to know (unless you have piqued my – usually romantic – interest… then I’ll give you the Bad Fantasy Novel Infodump). You have to want the rest of the story.

* I would like to formally apologize for the cheeseball cake analogy.

** Another that leaps to mind is that Scorpios are generally (not always but generally) always introverts. I went into the whole introvert-extrovert debate in a different post but basically, I am an extrovert who would rather self-isolate than put up with fake relationships or forced conversation. Which is also a Scorpio thing so either way, my isolation is my birthright.


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