Day 24 and things I miss

Day 24 – Something you miss

I miss dancing.

I miss seeing cute clothes and not wondering if it comes in my size.

I miss wanting to go out for ice cream or appetizers or lunch or coffee or “a beer for an hour” and knowing there was always someone who would want to go too.

I miss sharing ideas.

I miss coffee and bitch sessions.

I miss traditions.

I miss being someone else’s unapologetic, unabashed crush.

I miss being someone about whom people told fond stories.

I miss belly laughs and stroking someone’s hair while they cry.

I miss drinking games that were just as much an excuse to get to know your friends better as they were an excuse to drink.

I miss State Fair.

I miss that spot at our apartment complex where we could see five different fireworks shows.

I miss birthday parties.

I miss my muchness.

I miss promoting my favorite bands because my favorite bands made me feel like what I was doing for them really made a difference.

I miss those boys something fierce.

I miss cities I never lived in like they were my real home.

I miss writing frenzies and not being able to stop.

I miss him.

I miss being part of something.

I miss belonging.

I miss being someone people asked to do things because I could get them done.





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